Your blood is in the foundations
of every building that stands
on your unmarked grave.
You fought hard, blade caked
with blood and shield all but
beaten through, protecting
unarmoured folk from any

Your body tired through years
of service but you kept your guard
up. Right until your dying breath,
a hero. Now a legend of the town.
Young children listen to tales
of your bravery, leave wanting to
take up sword and shield for
themselves, hoping to be heroes
one day.

Now here you lie, interred and
almost forgotten. You are the warrior
that helped build this town. The
labours of your love and loyalty now
pass over you without a second
thought to your legacy.


Waiting up all night on a phone call
that’s never going to come. Burning through
my own minutes just trying to get you
to pick up and say hello. Feeling
discarded, pushed to the side
and left alone
because you’re too busy to
give me the time of day.

I’m losing my colours beneath
the dust I’m gathering and I can’t
find a way to shine like I used to
because I’m relying on you to find the
time to grab a cloth and wipe me
down so I look presentable.
I need to renew myself and get
a new perspective. Find a way to
look in the mirror and feel satisfied.

I need a safety line, crafted by
my own two hands to cast around
a solid structure. To pull myself
up from the mire I’m stuck in.
I need saving but I need
to do it myself.

Question - Is this too strong for an uncommon?

Question - Is this too strong for an uncommon?


We’re walking the tightrope
between who we are and how
the world sees us. We’re
stepping blindfolded, over
an abyss with no harness
or safety net to break our fall.
Spending most of our lives
hiding, denying our identities
and watching any chances at
love pass us by. Too scared of
bullying or being left homeless.
Being abandoned, beaten
and left to die.

Too many boys are growing up
hearing the phrase “man up” as
frequently as their alarm clocks.
Being forced into rough contact
sports instead of choosing their
own hobbies. There are too many
young girls who are being forced into
a world of barbie dolls and Disney
princesses, being told they are far too
fragile to play with the boys.

For God’s sake there’s something wrong
with us when we teach kids that they should
only follow the word of a parent
or a holy book instead of letting them
choose what to think or how to feel.
So many people see, hear and speak
no evil when evil is being past down
through over-zealous teachers and
preachers handing out pamphlets of
damnation for anyone who is different.

We need to start showing that we are strong.
Start being who we really are and stop
playing at being perfect when we know
we can’t please everyone. We need
to help one another to find freedom
because no one else is going to.
I know its terrifying but I’ve gotten
through it and I’ll guide you.

Because we are all walking this
thin line and trying not to fall while
slurs and hate speech, filled with out
of context bible verses, bounce
off our bodies and throw us off
balance. Just know we’ll be there with
a safety line. Bad things happen when
good people do nothing but I’m
not planning on letting a
bad thing happen to you.




Take pride in who you are,
In where you’ve been, what you’ve done,
All the things you’ve overcome,
Or left behind;
There’ll come a time,
Or so they say,
Where even love can’t be a crime,
Where even joy can’t be attacked.

There’ll come a moment
In all of our lives- a stop
at the top of the mountain,
A chance to breathe,
An opportunity to look back,
To relish the human we’ve finally become,
Or to regret the choices that can never
Be re-done.

In sorrow there will always be lessons,
But in time there lies the greatest gift;
Remember who, and what, and where-
Don’t forget the things you didn’t miss.

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i wish i lived in england!! then i’d have a cute english boyfr-


seriously this is what they look like

wtf why do they all look like theyre stuck in their eminem phase

Ahem, as sick as I am of the whole “omfg I wanna British boyfriend so bad” thing because everyone assumes that we are all Tom Hiddleston clones, I LOATHE this representation even more. Take a look at the photos here. Do any of us look like that? No. Now shut up and accept that fact that no one really knows what a British guy looks like except people that have actually been to the country.

Rant over.

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I was a broken vase.
Cracked and turned away
from guest’s eyes, no
more than a busted heirloom…
until I met you.

You saw a value beneath
the cracked and chipped
exterior. You looked at me and
saw something worth saving.
You saw me for who I am.

You took me and fixed me,
gave me back the shine I’d
lost through years of lack-lustre
neglect. You instilled life in
me again. And I thank you.

I love you and that has become
the shine that springs from my
Bristol blue face. People look on me
and smile now, as I revel in the fact that
you completed me.

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Does anyone know where I can get a black shawl? I really want to get one and do a genderbent Misty Day cosplay all of a sudden and I want a Stevie-style shawl.

Any tips people?


You can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your media player and write down the first 20 songs. Rules: No skipping! Then pass this on to 10 people.

Thanks for the tag, mistergauche (a fellow poet extraordinaire)

1: Low - Beyond Recall

2: There’s A Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven’t Thought Of It Yet - Panic! At The Disco

3: Farewell To Welfare - Grace Petrie

4: Hi-Ho Silver Lining - Jeff Beck

5: Harmony - Heather Peace

6: The House Of The Rising Sum - The Gaslight Anthem

7: Sovngarde Song - Miracle of Sound

8: Blood Red Sky - Seth Lakeman

9: Woke Up Dreaming - Joe Bonamassa

10: Swanee River - Hugh Laurie

11: November Rain - David Garrett

12: Oxford Comma - Vampire Weekend

13: At Last - Etta James

14: They Call Me Big Mama - Big Mama Thornton

15: Breaking And Entering (Acoustic) - Tonight Alive

16: Smile - Robert Downey Jr.

17: Ain’t No Party - Orson

18: Copperhead Road - Steve Earle

19: Our Velocity - Maximo Park

20: Crazy Bitch - Buckcherry

Not a bad mix. Managed to avoid any of the really embarrassing nineties nonsense I listen to whilst hammered.

I tag: theglycoprotein, lilprince, tinytinysquid, oohawtdayum, lizletsgo, jakepullsthetrigger, serencanis, theboywhostaredatthemoon, morosetintedglasses and, of course, the beautiful iheardyoulikeurlsoiputurlinmyurl

I also honorarily nominate anyone else who I couldn’t tag, who wants to do this! X

  • Question: Naked selfies plz xx - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    I don’t think so, greyface.



Some say that falling in love
is as easy as seeing the people
in the most vulnerable ways -
that you will keep on crashing down
upon seeing stitches in their lungs,
and bruises on their knees like
fire trucks running from fire to fire,
and you will see the clothes ripped,
with nudity playing in the shadows,
no walls, no grounds, everything
passing through the eyes -
I guess that is when you start to
love people: seeing through them
whenever they are most unlovable.

-The Passing; Zakk Habitan

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The cries are a weeping do over
And the car parts transform
In the heavens

On Earth we wait
Parking lot utopia
A typical spot to squat.

From a distance
A 4 inch screen distance
The parking lot gods
Summer and sulk.

We fantasize them
Wish us to the teeth grind kingdom
A heart rate monitor
Speaks in tongues

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Hold me closer
Than the sadness
That binds
Our bones
Closer than
The loneliness
We’ll be left with
In the end
When you realize
Your heart still beats
All on its own
But for now
It’s just you and I
So let’s make believe
The earth turns just for us

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Okay, I’m willing to admit I need a break from trying to force any writing. I’m starting uni again in late September so I am going to ease off until then. If anyone has any prompts I can try and work from then please do let me know but until then I’m not going to be writing much.

Hope you guys stick around, I’ll be reblogging other poets and some random stuff. Always here if people need any hel with anything.

Peace and love

JT xx